Shoe Type

At Running Warehouse, our selection of running shoes is designed to meet the needs of runners who consistently run 4 to 7 days a week with various paces and distances. As such, there are different shoes to meet different needs. To assist you in selecting a shoe, we categorize running shoes into four shoe types based on how shoes are best used: Premium, Standard, Performance and Racing.

Premium Shoe Type

Premium and Standard shoes are best for daily use

A Premium or Standard running shoe is the shoe of choice for logging the bulk of running miles. For newer runners, these are the only shoe types needed to participate in running.

Premium shoes are built with an emphasis on supreme comfort and use plush materials to surround the foot in luxury. In addition, premium shoes use the latest available cushioning technologies in an attempt to provide the best possible ride.

Standard Shoe Type

Standard shoes are built with proven materials designed to handle the stress associated with regular running. While not extravagant, the materials in Standard shoes are of a high quality and chosen to meet the conditions of daily training.

Premium and Standard shoes provide the same amount of durability, so both types will last for about 300-600 miles. Simply put, a Premium shoe is a Standard shoe with amenities added in.

Performance Shoe Type

Performance shoes are best for faster paced running

Experienced runners typically use Performance shoes once or twice a week. The shoes are used for running faster paced workouts such as tempo runs or intervals. Performance shoes are lighter weight and tend to have less material under the foot compared to Premium or Standard shoes. Both of these factors mean the shoes wear out faster and feel less cushioned toward the end of runs that exceed an hour.

For some runners, Performance shoes can be used for daily training and can be the only shoes they own. Experienced runners who are light on their feet may do the bulk of their running in Performance shoes. Less experienced runners can get away with a Performance shoe as their only training shoe, if they are running 3 days a week or fewer and less than 45 minutes a day, but should realize that Performance shoes will only last for about 200-500 miles.

Another use for Performance shoes is as a shoe for race day. If you have run a few races in your Premium or Standard shoes and are now looking to run faster times, a performance shoe can provide a similar running experience to Standard shoes but at a lower weight. All else being equal, lighter shoes will result in faster race times compared with heavier shoes.

Racing Shoe Type

Racing shoes are best for achieving your fastest time

When you become serious about your race times and want to take your running to the next level, it is time to look at racing shoes. Sometimes called racing flats, because the shoes have layers of cushioning and layers of fabric stripped away, racing shoes are all about running fast. Racing shoes have less material underfoot, which results in an enhanced feel for the ground and reduced weight. Due to minimal materials found in racing shoes they tend to only last for about 100-300 miles.

The lighter a racing shoe is the more different it will feel from Performance shoes and Premium and Standard shoes. We recommend running in a racing shoe for an interval workout or a few short runs prior to racing in them for the first time.

Use Shoe Type as factor while looking for shoes

While shopping for shoes look for Shoe Type in our Footwear Performance Characteristics located below the description of the shoe or in our Shoe Finder.

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