Sidas 3D Comfort Insole

Sidas 3D Comfort Insole XS
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  • RW Insoles Sizes: XS
Sidas 3D Comfort Insole S
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  • RW Insoles Sizes: S
Sidas 3D Comfort Insole M
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  • RW Insoles Sizes: M
Sidas 3D Comfort Insole L
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  • RW Insoles Sizes: L
Sidas 3D Comfort Insole XL
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Model Number: 32689300

Sidas 3D Comfort Insoles offer a triple benefit package with increased stability, flexibility, and comfort. An outer EVA shell promotes correct foot alignment during activity, while a soft EVA base provides cushioning and flexibility. A bamboo top cover has anti-odor and anti-bacterial properties, providing a healthy foot environment.


  • XS: 35-36
  • S: 37-38
  • M: 39-41
  • L: 42-43
  • XL: 44-45


  • Pair of insoles
  • 3D insole for customers searching for universal support
  • Bamboo top cover with sublimation has antibacterial properties for a healthy foot environment
  • Outer EVA shell provides increased support
  • ShoreA 35 EVA base for added cushioning and impact protection