Petzl Zipka 2015

Petzl Zipka Black
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  • Color: Black
Petzl Zipka Blue
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  • Color: Blue


Model Number: E93Z-

The ultra-compact Petzl Zipka 2015 uses a self-adjustable retractable cord to fit around your head or wrist while running in low light conditions.  This headlamp has two lighting modes (proximity and movement) that are easy to toggle between with the large push button on the top.  Lightweight with a wide beam pattern, the Zipka is excellent for stowing away in a pack for long runs on uneven trails.

Colors and Weight

  • Blue
  • 68g including batteries


Standard Lighting
Setting Brightness
Burn Time
Proximity 20 lumens 25m 180 hours
Movement 100 lumens 55m 120 hours
  • Two lighting modes [mode favoring burn time (proximity), mode favoring brightness (movement)]
  • Wide beam allows you to see the length of the trail
  • Electronic push-button switch for easy mode selection
  • Easy to open battery pack (3 alkaline AAA batteries included)
  • Compatible with lithium batteries to decrease weight and increase performance in cold weather
  • ZIP retractable cord is made of Dyneema® and acts as an adjustable headband to fit snugly around your head or wrist
  • Phosphorescent reflector helps you find the lamp in the dark
  • Water-resistant (IPX4)