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Looking for a boost in performance and recovery? The Compressport R2 Calf Sleeves provide high quality, medical grade compression that allows the muscles to function at a higher level. Venous blood flow is increased, reducing toxin build-up and allowing higher oxygenation in the muscles. Compressport fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and regulates heat, reducing the risk of blisters.

Compressport offers a 2 year guarantee on its products.


  • 1 pair of compression calf sleeves
  • Graduation compression increases blood flow from the feet back to the heart, improving oxygenation to the muscles, reducing the build-up of toxins and lowering the risk of cramps and fatigue
  • Increased circulation aids in recovery time
  • Compression reduces muscle vibration, lowering the risk of muscular injury
  • Fabric wicks moisture and regulates heat
  • 2 years quality guarantee