Model Number:

The ASICS Women's X Woven Short is built to move with your body as you run. The scalloped hem provides an excellent range of motion for your legs, while the wide, flat waistband provides a comfortable, flattering hold. Reflective design elements will keep you more visible in low-light conditions.


  • Wide, flat waistband for a flattering, comfortable, and secure hold
  • Lightweight shell for enhanced freedom of movement
  • Synthetic fabric wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable
  • Scalloped hem for increased range of motion
  • Reflective logo and design elements for increased visibility in low-light settings

Apparel Performance Characteristics

Apparel Fit:

  • Fitted
  • Semi-Fitted
  • Relaxed

Temperature Range °C:

  • Cold
    • Below 0
  • Moderate
    • 0-10
    • 5-15
    • 10-20
  • Hot
    • 20+

Fabric Thickness:

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick

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