ASICS Women's X 1/2 Zip LS Top Jeans Heather

ASICS Women's X 1/2 Zip LS Top LG Blue
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  • RW Women's Top Color: Blue
  • RW Women's Top Size: LG


Model Number: 121512-8110

The ASICS Women's X 1/2 Zip LS Top is a stylish twist on the traditional half-zip long sleeve with an asymmetric zipper. Zip it down for ventilation, or keep it zipped up for maximal coverage and warmth. Two zippered hand pockets provide ample secure storage space for small essentials. Thumbholes at the sleeves provide sleeve security, and the fitted construction gives this top a sleek look. With a reflective detail at each cuff in back, you will be more visible in low-light conditions.


  • Mock neck for increased coverage and warmth
  • Asymmetric half-zip for easy ventilation and a stylish look
  • Fitted construction for a sleek design
  • Lightweight fabric wicks moisture away from the body to keep you dry and comfortable
  • Two zippered hand pockets for secure storage of small essentials
  • Thumbholes at sleeves for sleeve security and added coverage
  • Reflective design detail at each sleeve in back for increased visibility in low-light settings

Apparel Performance Characteristics

Apparel Fit:

  • Fitted
  • Semi-Fitted
  • Relaxed

Temperature Range °C:

  • Cold
    • Below 0
  • Moderate
    • 0-10
    • 5-15
    • 10-20
  • Hot
    • 20+

Fabric Thickness:

  • Thin
  • Medium
  • Thick

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